Retirement Manager Smart Contract

Última Actualización:  27 feb 2023 - 10:50 pm

¿Qué problema resuelve ?

Currently, there are lots of issues with the world’s retirement systems, specially in Third World countries, where corruption on the banking and governments can lead to abusive fees, negative interests, and other issues which can lead our elders into bankruptcy. Our proposal is to provide a tool that enhances the privacy on their assets, independently from any centralized system, facilitating future integrations with DeFI.

¿Qué hace Retirement Manager Smart Contract ?

A Retirement Smart Contract for private assets management and DeFi integrations, privacy, transparency and easy integration to DeFi protocols for pasive income and/or to DAO governance

¿Qué sigue para Retirement Manager Smart Contract ?

A Smart Contract which accomplish the basic function of a retirement institution and a will, by holding the tokens of a person, some enhacements against the centralized models.

¿Qué tecnologías se usaron ?

react.js, solidity, node.js, html.