Última Actualización:  27 feb 2023 - 12:12 am

¿Qué problema resuelve ?

- Impulse art by digitalizing content and share art styles and cultures. - Helps artists to share their art to gain recognition between users around the world. - Delete intermediaries when doing international user-to-user transactions of cryptos. The common currency in the world is the dollar and using it as the base currency gives the opportunity to change every currency into it the manage cryptos through blockchain.

¿Qué hace Ikuro ?

Ikuro is a platform where independent artists around the world can share their work (comics, manga, novels, books, drawings, etc.) in the platform. Ikuro works to help those artists by giving tips to artists of different nationalities and currencies.

¿Qué sigue para Ikuro ?

Add a history recorder to know which contents and artists have been seen, as well as a marker to know what content the users have already sent a tip. Add common functions of the social media: like, share, search, comment, follow and notifications. Add a subscription method in which the creators can give to those subscribed people extra material, such as sketches, extras chapters, random drawings, etc. Build a robust backend with technology compatible with Solana and Blockchain that supports the features that we want to implement and has a proper documentation to work effectively.

¿Qué tecnologías se usaron ?

React, Solana, Rust, Phantom Wallet